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          胤旭機電 MRO工業供應鏈 專注于歐美進口工業備件!
          常見問題 ZANDER 過濾器 FL17ZL-FL140ZL 法蘭過濾器系列型號
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          ZANDER 過濾器 FL17ZL-FL140ZL 法蘭過濾器系列型號

          2021-07-07 返回列表
          ZANDER 過濾器 FL140XLK3 CPS4060XL ED3100-G230 DN300
          ZANDER 過濾器 FL17ZLK3 CPS4060ZL ED3007-G230 DN80
          ZANDER 過濾器 FL20ZLK3 CPS4060ZL ED3030-G230 DN100
          ZANDER 過濾器 FL30ZLK3 CPS4060ZL ED3030-G230 DN150
          ZANDER 過濾器 FL40ZLK3 CPS4060ZL ED3030-G230 DN150
          ZANDER 過濾器 FL60ZLK3 CPS4060ZL ED3030-G230 DN200
          ZANDER 過濾器 FL100ZLK3 CPS4060ZL ED3100-G230 DN250
          ZANDER 過濾器 FL140ZLK3 CPS4060ZL ED3100-G230 DN300。BIJUR分配器

          ZANDER 過濾器 FL17ZL-FL140ZL

          Parker Zander, high-performance FLseries filters, containing ZL grade filter elements are designed as depth-filters for the reliable removal of 1 µm liquid and solid particulate, whilst achieving a filtration performance of 99.925 % in compressed air or compressed nitrogen gas – independently validated acc. to ISO 12500-1.Numatics空氣濾清器濾杯

          Flanged filter series FL - element grade ZL
          Order no. Scope of supply
          CPS4060ZL Filter element (required quantity see Table Scope of Supply)
          398H240245 Flat gasket DN200 PN16 for filter model FL17
          398H240270 Flat gasket DN250 PN16 for filter model FL20
          398H240292 Flat gasket DN350 PN16 for filter model FL30
          398H240293 Flat gasket DN400 PN16 for filter model FL40
          398H240295 Flat gasket DN450 PN16 for filter model FL60
          398H240296 Flat gasket DN600 PN16 for filter model FL100
          398H240297 Flat gasket DN700 PN16 for filter model FL140
          SKED3000 Service kit for the yearly preventative maintenance of the electronic condensate drain。Adderlink延長器

          Differential pressure gauge mounted
          Order no. Function Suitable for Product key
          ZD95FL calibrated analogue differential pressure gauge incl. mounting set FL17 up to FL140 D
          Drain mounted
          Order no. Function Suitable for Product key
          ED3007-G230 electronic condensate drain (standard) FL17 K3
          ED3030-G230 electronic condensate drain (standard) FL20 up to FL60 K3
          ED3100-G230 electronic condensate drain (standard) FL100 up to FL140 K3
          398H473471 manual drain kit G 1/2 FL17 H
          398H473472 manual drain kit G 1 FL20 up to FL140 H
          Other drains available as loose accessories.
          Differential pressure gauge loose, incl. mounting set
          Order no. Function Suitable for Product key
          ZDE95FL calibrated analogue differential pressure gauge with Reed contact FL17 up to FL140 -
          ZDE125FL electronic differential pressure gauge FL17 up to FL140 -
          Mounting kits for drains, loose
          Order no. Filter port Drain port Suitable for filter Suitable for drain
          MK-G15-G15 G1/2o G1/2o FL17 ED3007, ED2010
          MK-G25-G15 G1o G1/2o FL20 up to FL140 ED3030, ED3100,ED2020, ED2060
          Flat gaskets for filter combination, loose
          Order no. Function Suitable for Product key
          398H240150 Flat gasket pipe flange DN80 PN16 FL17 -
          398H240170 Flat gasket pipe flange DN100 PN16 FL20 -
          398H240222 Flat gasket pipe flange DN150 PN16 FL30 up to FL40 -
          398H240245 Flat gasket pipe flange DN200 PN16 FL60 -
          398H240270 Flat gasket pipe flange DN250 PN16 FL100 -
          398H240310 Flat gasket pipe flange DN300 PN16 FL140 -。Meech冷卻器

          標題:ZANDER 過濾器 FL17ZL-FL140ZL 法蘭過濾器系列型號

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